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Alex Machine Doesn’t Remain A Stranger To A Foreigner

Çağlar said, “Alex Makine exported half of all the products it offered for sale in 2021 to dozens of countries. In the jewelry industry, Italians feel our breath on their necks.”

Turkish jewelry industry; is at the forefront of the world. Every year, tons of gold is imported and tons of gold is exported. Hundreds of production workshops bring high-quality jewelry to domestic and foreign consumers. Well, have we achieved the desired output in the international arena in the field of machinery and consumables used in jewelry production in recent years? Ümit Çağlar, the General Manager of our company Alex Makine, whose answer to this question has been continuing its activities for 38 years, answers: “In the jewelry industry; With the breakthroughs made in the last 5 years, there are many machines produced in Turkey in the jewelry produced in many different parts of the world…”

The costs of jewelry production are increasing day by day. The fact that most of the technical devices used in production are imported and offered for sale in Dollars and Euros is adversely affected by the fluctuations in exchange rates. It is now of great importance that every company in our sector thinks about export in some way and gives a significant share to exports in its production

Experienced brand of years, Alex Makine; With its international breakthroughs, especially during the pandemic period, it has come to the position of exporting half of the thousands of products within its body. The brand, which also undersigned successful E-Export activities; sends machinery and consumables to more than 60 countries.

Ümit Çağlar, General Manager of Alex Makine; Reminding that the Turkish jewelry industry is in the top three worldwide; “Everyone in the top three has a goal of first place. In order to be the first in a sector in the world, it is necessary to both make high-quality products and have a say in the machinery industry. Turkey is currently in a prestigious position around the world in the production of almost all types of machinery and consumables, except for the 3D Printer and Laser Machinery group, and is in high demand.” Noting that despite all the positive developments, Italians still sell machines with the same function and result more expensive than our domestic machines and that they are struggling abroad with an unbreakable prejudice; continued his words as follows: “We must act together to break this prejudice. Our domestic machines make Italian machine manufacturers unhappy with their results, but unfortunately, our profitability rate is well below theirs. I think that this situation may change in a very short time.

The problems experienced in international product supply during the pandemic period created an advantage for our domestic producers. In a short time, Alex Makine started to sell one of every two products it produced abroad. We plan to increase our export rate to 60% in two years. We are making a very hopeful start to 2022. We will showcase many of our innovations at the IJS March Fair.”