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ARN Electronic Polishing Machine is waiting for you at the fairground…

See the Power of High Technology Up Close

ARN Electronic Polishing Machine; managed to attract the attention of many jewelry manufacturers in a short time. With a single technician who will use the machine, finishing, polishing, and blasting processes are carried out fully automatically and with high quality. With ARN Electronic Polishing (electronic polishing, blasting machine), the loss of time, money, and labor becomes a thing of the past. Do not leave the fairground without getting to know ARN closely…

Experienced jeweler Zaven Kasacı; ARN Electronic Polishing Machine implemented by; started to add convenience to the lives of both domestic and foreign jewelry manufacturers. ARN, which draws attention with its effective results; is publicly promoted to all trial uses. The owner of the company, Zaven Kasacı, stated that they aim to make this valuable machine known by the masses by participating in the October leg of IJS; He stated that the ARN Electronic Polishing Machine, which was developed and produced in Düsseldorf, Germany, has 3 different sizes as alpha, beta, and gamma, and that polishing process of every product from the smallest jewelry to the largest jewelry is carried out very easily with these devices.

Zavan Kasacı, who stated that they will show the jewelry passing through this device in the form of before and after and that the difference will be appreciated by everyone; continued his words as follows:

“Our office in Çemberlitaş is open to all sector members. They can bring their products and try them on our sample machines and see the difference with their own, live eyes. We also provide serious training to use this device with high performance. Our jeweler friend, who bought the device, sends his employee to us and we ensure that ARN's top performance is revealed with a 2-week training. In the near future, the profession of ARN Electronic Polishing Machine Operator will emerge. With the certificate, we will approve those who use this device effectively.”

Cashier; He added that most of the jewelry from ARN is at the level of going directly to the showcase, and some of it is ready for the showcases with a small touch, and invited all the sector members to the ARN stand at IJS.