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We made a special interview with the Company Representative “Mehmet ÖZEN” for you, with our experienced manufacturer UĞUR DÖKÜM, which serves as the second generation in our sector and has left behind 30 professional years. You can experience the comfort of working with UĞUR DÖKÜM, which offers services by incorporating all types of Wax, Resin, and 3D Printer machines you need to produce models.

As Uğur Döküm, which year did you celebrate in our sector?

We continue to serve as a company that was established in 1990 and has completed 30 years in our sector. Since 2010, we continue to serve the jewelry community as the second generation.

Which mines and settings do you serve in your casting service?

We provide service on gold mines in every color and every setting. All our customers, both at home and abroad, can receive services and products from us with peace of mind.

In recent years, you have come to the fore with your successful model designs. Can you give information about your candle and resin sales?

In every period of our professional activities, we were aware of the fact that design and production is a difficult branch in the jewelry industry, as in every sector. Concentrating on the design department in our own lane, we have turned into a company that serves with all types of machinery and resins in the market, with our R&D investments besides our casting service. For our customers, we continue to offer the advantages of having every machine, wax, and resin in our company, as well as having the opportunity to cast in every color and setting, as I have just mentioned.

What styles of models do you produce?

After the machinery investments we have made and the conditions that the market has pushed us, we have transformed from being a company that designs candles and rings to a company that designs all jewelry products suitable for every market, from chains to handcuffs, from necklaces to earrings, from medallions to full sets.

Which devices are available in the machine park where you produce wax and resin?

While we preferred machines that are widely used in the market in our wax and rubber department, we wanted to go beyond the standard when entering the resin sector. For this reason, we preferred the Italian company DWS. However, we have incorporated the machines and resin of Novafab company into our structure for different style models and fast production demanded overtime. In order to respond to the increasing demand, we continued on our way with the large machines of the Rapdishape company. Afterward, with the increasing interest in stone products and chains in the market, we incorporated Uniway. We have completed the investments of our Projet track, as we foresee that a large part of our sales percentage in the market will shift to mobile chains.

Can you give information about the facility you produce?

We serve as 3 floors in Kuyumcukent Workshop Block. By separating all departments from each other, we have positioned ourselves as order, production and R&D. In order to serve the customer traffic on the shopping mall side, we opened our store, where we offer some of our models, in order to serve our sector.