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LaFonte has manufactured systems for the transport, filtration, and purification of liquids, including abrasives, since 1975, particularly in the galvanic, fashion, automotive, printed circuit, and jewelry industries. In addition, it develops different solutions for the recovery of precious and non-precious metals. All production processes necessarily generate more or less recyclable, reusable, and/or recoverable waste. There are various ways to recycle these wastes, depending on their type. LaFonte provides you with this opportunity thanks to its special filtration and electrodeposition systems that can obtain precious and non-precious metals from production processes. Undoubtedly, these recyclable wastes, which have a very important value, lead to a loss of income when preferred. In detail, La Fonte’s main product range for precious metals recovery is three, produced at the company’s 4,000 square meter facility in Vedano Olona (VA) and then shipped to more than 50 countries worldwide: the under sink series, MFR, and REM. Under-sink machines, which can be used directly under sinks to collect small pieces of raw material during processing and hand washing, are in the first place, while MFR, an adaptable unit for the recovery of small precious metal particles from wastewater, is in second place. REM is geared towards recovery from exhausted solutions resulting from various manufacturing processes. The common feature of these different models is that they provide great ease of use and require minimum maintenance, which makes them a valuable investment along with facilitating the recovery of raw materials.

Recovery of Precious Metals by Filtration

Precious metal recovery systems by filtration are divided into two: Undersink and MFR models, both built-in PP, which guarantee high chemical and mechanical resistance with both acid and alkaline solutions. It recovers up to 99.9% of the particles in the solution and filters down to 0.2 absolute microns: The wide range of replaceable filters provided allows to obtain the best solutions for different customer needs.

The lower sink is a recovery system for hand-washed water and is also suitable for small quantities of waste liquid from ultrasonic washing. As the name suggests, it is placed directly under the sink. There is a collecting tank where gravity filtration takes place and then one or two liquids are automatically pumped under pressure by means of a sensor. The sections can be equipped with different filter equipment (cartridges, discs, bags, which can reach a maximum filtration degree of 0.2 μm) according to the customer’s requirement. In the combo version, there is an integrated Italian washbasin equipped with an anti-drip system, also built in PP.

The MFR is a system unit for the recovery of all wastewater, where it is possible to recover large volumes of liquid from hand washing, ultrasonic washing, and drum. The recovery process is the same as for Undersink: it is a two or three-chamber collection tank equipped with different filter elements (cartridges, discs, bags) in which the liquid is first filtered by gravity and then the liquid is automatically pumped under pressure. By activating the bypass valve, recovery of the liquid is also possible thanks to its recirculation. This system is also available in automatic versions, thus minimizing maintenance.

Recovery of Precious Metals by Electroplating

The REM series is a system for the recovery of precious metals from weathered solutions, in addition to the jewelry industry, in precious and non-precious baths (for example, the processes of printed circuits and general surface treatments, decoating, peeling, spalladiatura or deramatura (to name just a few) processes. The working principle of REM systems is electrolytic It relies on the electrodeposition of metals by the method: when an electric current is applied to a solution containing metal ions, this causes positive ions to move towards the cathode, on which the precious metal accumulates.