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JTR became the sponsor of the Istanbul Jewelry Show Knowledge

Turkey's Jewelry Technologies Research Center JTR became the Knowledge sponsor of the Istanbul Jewelry Fair.

JTR, one of the companies that continuously invest in the jewelry industry and provide services, became the sponsor of the Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will be held between 6-9 October 2022. Being the Knowledge Sponsor of the fair, JTR will share the technologies it has developed at the fair with the sector players and introduce new diamond training and laboratory services at the fair.

JTR CEO Mehmet Can Özdemir stated that they will continue to produce high-value-added services to the sector, as they have done for years, and they will pave the way for the Turkish Jewelry Industry in world markets. JTR will host its visitors in Hall1 - A18 during the fair.

About JTR

JTR (Jewellery Technology Research) Jewelry Technologies Research Center, located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is Turkey's first and only international jewelry laboratory, in which the Jewelry Exporters' Association is also a partner. rises on his shoulders.

JTR, a new generation jewelry technologies center, has been carrying the diamond and diamond jewelry rating to the future since its establishment. JTR Laboratory is equipped with the latest gemological tools, instruments, and technology. JTR experts adopt, monitor, and implement internationally recognized grading standards and practices in the diamond industry and the diamond trade.

Deeply rooted in traditional diamond grading practices and backed by unrivaled technical knowledge and innovative technologies, JTR provides its customers with clear rating data and complete confidence in the integrity of the rating process.

Thanks to its extensive R&D efforts, innovative trademarked technology, data knowledge gleaned from millions of jewelry analyses, and AI (artificial intelligence) applications, JTR is the leading organization capable of implementing semi-automatic and automatic grading procedures worldwide. By following this route, JTR is shaping the future of the gemstone and jewelry industry with its transparent, responsible, and accountable grading practices.