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Let's not keep our expectations high for IJS October

Yasin Eren said, “We see that a significant mass has moved away from gold with the interest rate hikes in Europe and America. It would not be a surprise if the October leg of the IJS was quiet. As long as we are wrong, our industry wins.”

Istanbul Jewelry Show, which has been organized regularly for years; is ready to open its doors to local and foreign sector members for the 52nd time. Before and after each IJS, there are significant increases in the transaction volume of brokerage houses that trade in precious metals. Before this fair, Eren Has Group, which offers hundreds of special mines to its customers with its large stocks; wishes the fair to be the best and that our producers receive orders. EHG Board Member Yasin Eren; Expressed that the IJS is the driving force of the industry and that the companies participating in the IJS are drawing new routes for themselves on an international scale, he argued that with the interest rate hike decisions in Europe and America, there has been a certain decrease in gold orientation and that this situation may inevitably have a negative impact on the activity of the fair.

Our industry has many important periods during the year. Among these important periods, the Istanbul Jewelry Show, held in March and October, stands out. While the March leg of the IJS almost means the season opening of our industry, the October of the IJS has special importance, especially in terms of exports. EHG Board Member Yasin Eren; said that the brokerage houses engaged in the precious metal trade had a serious activity with the sample sets prepared before the fair in the previous years and that the previous intensity of the pre-exhibition was lost due to the recent emphasis on demo products.

Yasin Eren stated that they wished the fair to be a very good one more than anyone else and that the demand for special metals would increase as a result of the orders received; “After a good March fair and a good summer season, the October fair was expected to be fruitful as well, but with the interest rate hikes in Europe and America, there has been a divergence from gold. In the current economic picture, it would be more realistic not to expect the October leg of the IJS to be very active. The fact that the fair, which was held in Italy before IJS October, was quite calm can also be considered as a sign.”