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Novafab Quality In Kahramanmaraş For 1 Year

Novafab; 3D Printers provide great convenience to the jewelry manufacturers from Kahramanmaraş to easily produce all kinds of product groups. Novafab, which has been in Altınşehir Jewelry Production Complex for 1 year; Maraşlı offers effective solution methods for jewelers to transfer all kinds of designs to the mine…

Novafab 3D printers, which are offered for the use of dozens of jewelry manufacturers around the world with Made In Turkey; It has been right next to the jewelry manufacturers of Kahramanmaraş for 1 year. Novafab design and communication office is located in Kahramanmaraş Altınşehir Jewelry Production Complex; The region adds great convenience to the business life of the jewelry manufacturer.

Dilan Özdemir, Novafab Jewelry Sector Manager; “We wanted to be with our branch in Kahramanmaraş, which is the most important address of jewelry production after Istanbul. We preferred to provide the closest service to our producer friends. Our Altınşehir office, where we introduce advanced technology in detail; provides fast services in the field of design to the regional jeweler. Now, jewelry production with 3D printers has become very popular in Kahramanmaraş. We continue to work with leading companies in Kahramanmaraş.”

Dilan Özdemir stated that Novafab's 3D Printers offer very economical solutions and that it is the first domestic 3D Printer in our country; “With our hundred percent domestic production, we have been helping jewelers to reflect all their dreams on jewelry for years, with a lifetime guarantee. Our 3D Printers, which work smoothly and quickly for many years and can be easily updated remotely, continue to add convenience to the lives of both our country's jewelers and foreign manufacturers.