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Steel Kalıp ve Makine, which has the largest mold and machinery production facility in our country, continues to be a pioneer with approximately 25 products for which it has patented while aiming to protect its own designed products against counterfeit products.

What were the positive or negative effects of the pandemic period that the whole world has just begun to leave behind? As Steel Kalıp ve Makine, we spent the pandemic period very intensively and productively, first we started with the relocation of our new factory and equipping it with the latest technological machines, then we renewed and enlarged our showroom in Kuyumcukent. We made models that were not made in mold designs by filling them with our new invention and new design machines.

As Turkey’s largest mold and machinery company, what are the newest services you provide to the jewelry industry?

Steel mold and machinery means always inventing innovations that no one has made, machines that no one thinks about, and being a pioneer. This is our mission. The newest machines are always available in the newest models steel mold and machine Our showroom in Kuyumcukent is waiting for our valued customers with the latest models and machines.

Are there any new machines you have produced or are planning to produce for the year 2022?

Of course, many of our new machines and models will be waiting for our customers this year both at the fair and in our showroom.

As far as we know, you provide services to important institutions and different sectors at the state level. Can you share which institutions are there or what kind of services there are?

Apart from the jewelry sector, which is our main line of business; We provide services with the machinery and equipment we have produced to many institutions and organizations in a wide range, including the automotive sub-industry, defense industry, spark plugs, textile industry, prisons, work dormitories, and ammunition industry.

Are there organizations from different countries that have chosen our country by choosing you in 2021?

Of course, as in previous years, we had the opportunity to serve our customers from many countries with the Italian Fair, Serbia Fair, Erbil Fair, and the Istanbul Jewelry Show organized in our own country, through the fair and international organizations we attended with the slowdown of the pandemic in 2021. Our customers were also able to visit us from various countries and find the opportunity to do their shopping easily.

In 2021, your showroom in Kuyumcukent has grown. Which of your machines do our manufacturers in the sector have the opportunity to examine in the showroom?

Our showroom in Kuyumcukent is the only company that has the largest square meter and the most machinery in its area. The most inaccessible one is that all 60 kinds of machines come out of the steel production line. We are advancing in a system where all the machines produced by other companies are produced and sold within our own company, not the buying and selling of machines. In addition, we also have a model production workshop where the latest models are produced. Here, we turn our samples from the new system molds into jewelry and present them to our customers.

What are your recommendations to our machinery or equipment manufacturers in our sector?

First of all, I can recommend our machine manufacturer friends to invest in technology and produce their own unique machines with both technological and trained personnel. We have recently started to patent many of our machines, both in terms of design and system. In this context, we have patented 25 new system machines. Therefore, easy copying can now cost our competitors a little bit more. And he knows very well that “Copy exalts the original”,

Copying is a sign of total helplessness…