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Steel vs Steel… There is no loser in this race…

"Steel", which always finds solutions to your problems that thinks for you and produces for you, comes to the fair with its newest machines. Steel Kalıp & Makine, which is a world brand in its branch, is competing with another Steel... Again, Steel customers are the winners...

Steel Kalıp & Makine, which has added convenience to the life of jewelry manufacturers for years with its experienced staff consisting of Turkish engineers and masters, will take the stage again with its newest machines at IJS right after it attends the Singapore leg of the Hong Kong Fair. Steel, which exports 75% of the machines it produces; competes with itself. Steel, which is constantly struggling to produce new machines; will also do what suits him in the October leg of the IJS.

The development of jewelry manufacturers, Steel Kalıp & Makine, which enables them to produce comfortably, quickly, effectively, and with high quality; With its growing stand, IJS will present more than 60 machines to local and foreign sector members in October. As always, among the machines it will introduce, there will be new and smart models that will be available for the first time. Especially those who are interested in gram gold production will be able to reveal their own production styles with the new Steel machines.

Steel Kalıp & Makine Chairman of the Board Yusuf İzzet Çelik stated that they had a very successful year and that they completed their 2022 targets in the first 8 months and started to write the extra success in their company houses with the results they achieved in the last 4 months of the year; “We are happy to reveal a world brand with our Turkish identity in our branch. As of today, jewelry production machines in Steel's modern production facility; It is used smoothly and happily in many different geographies of the world. We haven't said that for years. Everyone will own Steel one day. Those who choose us get fast results. He will be happy. His earnings will increase and he will be in an advantageous position.”

Noting that they participated in many international fairs held in many different countries throughout the year and that they left each fair happily and returned to their work, Yusuf İ.Çelik said; “When you go to the fair prepared, it is not possible to leave the fair unhappy. The fair should not be seen as a business. We preferred to introduce each of our new models at fairs. Those who prefer us will find their own unique Steel. Seeing the problem means that the solution begins at the same time. I invite all our friends to the Steel World, which is full of innovations, at the fair.”

“We will legally prevent the Counterfeiting of our machines…”

Steel; In recent years, they have determined that many new devices and machines produced by Steel Makine have been copied and offered for sale by various companies, that they will initiate legal action against the people and organizations engaged in copying regarding Steel Makine products, for which the production copyrights have been obtained, that the people who do this will be subject to heavy sanctions when and where they least expect it. He said it would be natural.