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Nil Kuyumculuk, which has been serving our sector in the field of bracelets and stone sets for many years, established a foundry with a wide range of possibilities in Kuyumcukent last year. A modern production facility established a production facility. We visited our company to sell for you onsite and got more detailed information from the company authorities Kerem ÖZİŞÇİ and Murat KODAZ.

Can you give me information about your new formation?

In our new creation, we have implemented the new generation mother printing business with 3D printers. It obtains the service of making the drawings of our customer ateliers ready by 3D printing. We do not offer model drawing services to our customers. Süriki works on our own models, we do it in the future, but we do not think of drawing a model service. While doing this work, we also have a 3-dimensional printout in the form of candles. We provide our companies that wish to make a test print before their orders and make a satisfying start.

How long does it take to deliver the drawings you receive as printed?

If it reaches us, it is delivered as printed on the same day, and it is delivered to our customers as gold or silver casting within 24 hours if they wish. Because our company serves on a 24-hour basis.

Can we learn your weekly production capacity?

120 kg per week as a cast. While providing production of up to 20 kg as a mother. We have the capacity to print up to.

Have you been to a full formation that has completed the pandemic? Can we say a surprise for such a work?

Providing an integrated solution with 24-hour casting service as our idea of this printing center “pandemic was always among our short-term plans. It is not surprising for us as we have received positive reactions in the ongoing process, even though there is a pandemic.