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Berbey Kalıp meticulously produces press molds to make the samples, drawings and even dreams of its customers come true; has been going on its way with its high quality and absolute customer satisfaction for years, accompanied by the highest technology. Before the upcoming IJS; Many companies are knocking on Berbey’s door for zero risks in mold. Master İbrahim; said that there is no longer any difference between Italian mold masters and Turkish mold masters and that the possibilities of technology are instrumental in closing small differences between them.

Berbey Kalıp, one of the well-established mold manufacturers of our sector; Before the upcoming Istanbul Jewelry Show, it works hard to transfer the new designs of its customers and the models of their dreams into molds. Berbey Kalıp, which produces boutique molds for companies; İbrahim Doğankaya, who has years of experience, and his experienced team, has been serving our industry for a long time. Master İbrahim; stated that the IJS, which has not been organized for a long time, is eagerly awaited by everyone, and that he believes the industry will have very active days if the conditions are suitable and the fair is organized. Emphasizing that they have been using advanced technology effectively in recent years and that they have been able to transfer the mold of everything that comes to mind to the mine; “Small differences between us and our Italian colleagues were completely closed with the help of advanced technology. Many of our foreign customers now obtain from us what they used to buy from Italian mold workshops. Of course, our labor prices are much more affordable. Both our domestic and foreign customers enjoy the advantage of getting the same quality at a more affordable price.” Adding that they had a good summer season and that the producers from Kahramanmaraş also demanded more molds than before, Doğankaya said; He stated that with the skills of Turkish mold masters, our country has become a serious mold exporter and that Turkish jewelry will rise rapidly in the international arena with the decrease of the effect of the pandemic.