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Ali ÖNDER, General Manager of Sisma-Mea Turkey, which has been providing its services in Turkey for many years without interruption and always does its job in the best way, answered our questions as follows…

Could you share your mission in the region as Sisma Turkey and the Middle East regional office? As a company that guarantees a high level of after-sales service and creates long-term value for customers, suppliers, and society by making use of the skills and experience gained over time in different fields with precision micro-mechanical systems, lasers, 3D production technologies with innovative systems and solutions for manufacturers and designers. is to stay. What are the main differences that distinguish your laser machines from other products? 1. The main difference is QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE as the work of a company that has been continuing its service for 60 years without interruption! In fact, the working principle of some laser machines in the market may be similar to each other. There are certain basic factors that distinguish them from each other; By adopting these basic factors, Sisma takes the quality and the most efficient production that comes with it and loads the quality from a to z in the devices it produces. Thanks to this aim and success, it has created devices that can be used for many years, making a difference from its competitors in terms of power, speed, stability, and design. Which products do you have in the jewelry industry, apart from laser machines? Apart from laser machines, we provide service in the sector with our modeling devices designed with 3D DLP technology. We are in the sector with our own patented and fully automatic designs and programs that provide convenience in production. As SİSMA-MEA, we offer our products to all members of the jewelry industry as the authorized representative of YASUI casting systems and SHIMADZU scales, which have proven their quality and capabilities all over the world. After the global pandemic period has gained a routine all over the world, will you offer innovations for our industry? Of course, we are in a competitive environment with companies that are globalizing day by day and leveling up. Therefore, we offer and will offer our new technologies and devices to our customers after the necessary R&D processes