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"Uğur Designing Design Base" will soon be at IVP Plaza

Uğur Döküm, one of the innovative casting and design brands in our country; counting the days to bring his brand new and very ambitious project to life. Uğur Döküm decided to separate the P&D and R&D departments; The "Uğur Designing Design Base", where approximately 50 designers will work in the Istanbul Vizyon Park Plaza section, has reached the final stage in its work. New design office; With its modern lines, and pleasant and comfortable working environment, it will offer opportunities for designers to freely use their rich imagination. If you have dreams, the doors of Uğur Design Design Base are wide open for you….

Uğur Döküm & Design, one of the innovative and original brands in our industry; has reached the final stage of its work for its new project. The experienced brand, which has prepared a unique design office with a garden and social areas of approximately 350 m2 in the IVP Plaza section; opens its doors to all young people who study in the jewelry design department, have a passion for design, and do their job with love.

With the project developed with Altınbaş Jewelry Design Department, Uğur Döküm & Design; will increase the current 20-person designer staff to 70. Uğur Döküm company owner Mehmet Özen; announced that they have prepared a very pleasant and comfortable working environment for young people who have devoted themselves to jewelry design and received higher education in this valuable business line and that the world's largest jewelry design office will be opened from Istanbul to the world with this project, which will be implemented at the beginning of the new year.

Mehmet Özen stated that their offices in Kuyumcukent will provide production-oriented services and that mass production will occur after the prototypes of the designs coming from the new design office are made and a detailed examination is completed; “With our new project, we have separated design and production. The goal will be to produce perfect designs with zero risk and zero error. We plan to export models with the stamp "Made In Turkey", all over the world. This project will be the most important design and development project not only for us but also for Turkish jewelry.”

Noting that with this project, they offered an employment guarantee to all students studying in the jewelry design department, Özen said; continued his words as follows:

“We believe that the students who have completed the course of our esteemed teacher Mehmet Pekin, who has been training successful designers for years and showing the most effective ways to use the matrix program, will be much more successful in our office. We want our friends who will work in our design office to pass the course of our teacher Mehmet Pekin first. Those who are successful in this course will start their working life at UDTU.”

“We have very good expectations from IJS October…”

Mehmet Ozen; stated that Uğur Döküm & Design would successfully take part in an Istanbul Jewelry Show, which it has also been carefully prepared for, that the effect of the pandemic will be minimized all over the world, and that this October fair will be the best October fair of all time with the rising line of IJS.​