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What Is Electropolishing And How It Works?

Electropolishing is a method used by many manufacturers for the surface treatment of products. In an electropolishing process, the work-piece serves as the anode; the insoluble metal serves as the cathode; the anode and cathode are immersed into the electrolytic tank at the same time and through the DC ionization reaction it produces selective anode dissolution, thereby achieving the effect of removing fine burrs and increasing brightness on the work-piece surface.

EPAG Flex is a system designed for the electropolishing of gold and silver jewelry products in every color and carat. Epag Flex enables the grinding and polishing of indented products that are very difficult to polish. Manual polishing is reduced to minimum and surface quality is much improved. The EPAG Flex can be expanded up to 3 individually controllable process containers thanks to its modular design. Special process parameters can be easily set and stored.

Is Electropolishing a New Technology?

Although electropolishing has been a method that has been used actively in many industries for many years, there was no chemical that worked well in gold and silver materials. While jewelery manufacturers had to use different polishing methods, a lot of labor was lost for manual polishing in areas that drum machines could not reach, and even in this case, some models could not be polished inside and in narrow areas.

Why Electropolishing Technology Has Become Popular Now?

Technology development is a time-consuming process. Products that are put on the market very quickly before the tests are completed, not getting results as well as lose confidence. Although the concept of electropolishing has become much more talked about in the jewelry industry in recent years, OTEC's studies on this subject date back to many years. As a result of long R&D studies, OTEC has developed its chemical with sample tests in very different colors and carats, resulting in a solution that provides a solution for a very large part of the market, and today it has provided us with a new and superior polish technology that will dominate the coming years.

One of the reasons why its popularity has increased so rapidly is that the electropolishing method provides much better results while meeting the manufacturer's needs with low costs and does not require the use of harmful chemicals such as cyanide. Moreover, gold recovery is very high as 99%.

What are the factors that make OTEC stand out in electropolishing?

Otec has been providing solutions to the needs of the sector for more than 25 years with its customer-oriented solutions and trustworthy partnership. It constantly invests in R&D studies with an understanding that does not copy the existing one but paves the way for new technologies. It uses 2 very successful chemicals for gold and silver. With Epag, mirror shine is achieved in a short process time of 30-40 minutes. It saves time in polishing products that hand polish cannot reach or that can take a lot of time even if it is reached. It is especially suitable for products with complex geometry. -Filigree products, hollow chain etc. Does not harm the design of filigree products. Since the liquid can reach every corner and fine detail, it creates an effect in all areas. Polishing of green, red and white gold can be achieved with a single liquid. Eliminates manual hand polishing almost completely. It does not damage the stones during polishing. Since there is no need for bombing, a completely cyanide-free process is ensured. 99% of gold is safely recovered. Since predefined programs are written, it is sufficient for the operator to just press the start button. In case of starting to work with a single container in the first investment and increasing the production capacity later, the production capacity can be increased by adding only an additional container with low costs.

How Can Manufacturers Try This New Technology?

All jewelery manufacturers who want to examine the Otec Epag Flex Electropolishing machine more closely and test its polishing performance on their own products can participate in the free test that we will conduct at the Surtek showroom in Kuyumcukent workshop block.