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Founded in 2017, thanks to the deep-rooted business experience of its founders, it has achieved success in a short time; UNIWAY, which produces 3D printer technologies for the jewelry industry with its customer portfolio and distributorship connections at more than 100 points in Turkey and the world, continues to be the technological solution partner of its business partners.

3D Resin Printer Technology of the Future

Uniway, which has been working for the jewelery industry and its technological needs since the day it was founded, enjoys the satisfaction of offering sustainable and rational solutions to the business processes that its customers pursue with passion. With its solutions designed with the mission of “3D Resin Printer Technology of the Future” UNIWAY, which has led the way for 3D printing technology to become more widely used in the sector, continues to be the first choice of brands that care about maximum benefit in industrial design and application processes.

UNI; Service Request, Management and Pre-Sales Application Counting the Days to Implementation

Uniway continues to produce technologies that can respond to the demands and needs of all its customers, which it supports, in order to improve business processes. The mobile application, designed in accordance with today’s technology age and the usage habits of digital services, is being prepared to be implemented as soon as possible. The mobile application, which allows contacting the UNIWAY after-sales support team at any time and place, is developed by the UNIWAY R&D unit. While providing an easy and fast service in communication, UNI will provide customers with an extraordinary service in business and processes such as service request, pre-order creation, and tracking the current order. With its user-friendly interface and easy communication opportunity, where many demands can be met at the same time in a single mobile application, UNI signals that it will be a service that makes a difference in the after-sales service category.

UNIWARE; Thanks by File Repair and Print Platform Creation Software, All Operations Are Unified on a Single Screen

All stages of the 3D model’s preparation for printing are gathered on a single screen with UNIWARE. The need to use different software programs in the process of preparing the model for printing is no longer a problem with UNIWARE. Business processes such as adapting to the appropriate file format for the model, repairing files and intervening in possible problem areas come together in a single software with UNIWARE.
While the solutions required in the printing processes of the model require astronomical investment costs; UNIWARE offers the advantage of gaining investment cost with optimal benefit.

Always One Step Ahead in Technology

UNIWAY has been working constantly for a technological ground that will make a difference in the competition for all of UNIWAY’s customers. With mentality that always goes forward in developing solutions that provide quality, speed and cost advantage in production, UNIWAY follows the developments in the world and makes them applicable for UNIWAY’s customers. UNIWAY Chairman of the Board Serhan Alyanak said, who stating that the innovations he brought to the sector are the first in many ways, “Thanks to the UNIWAY R&D studies within our body, we bring rational and innovative solutions to the problems. As we share every new development with our business partners, we experience the excitement of the first day. Thanks to our increasing distributor and customer portfolio in many different parts of the world, we are adding strength to UNIWAY’s competitive power. We are happy to represent our country as a 3D printer technology manufacturer all over the world.”

3D Resin Printer Technology of the Future