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Traditional production of wedding rings, based on application of labor intensive specific techniques was a time consuming process. With the development of technology, new techniques have come up to supply the increasing demand with reduced costs. Today, “Continuous Tube Technology” is being used by the companies that try to achieve the fastest and best quality production. This technology has been named as “Continuous Tube Casting”.

Wedding ring production with Continuous Tube Casting has three stages: Continuous Casting (tube production), Die Drawing, and Tube Sawing. On the first stage of production, the gold and silver alloys are melted and cast to any desired tube size by Induction Continuous Casting Machine. On the second stage, the tubes are brought to the final size (inner & outer diameter) by drawing in Hydraulic Tube Sharpening Drawing Machine. On the final stage, the tube is sawed accurately on automatic sawing machine at desired widths and numbers. With the tube technology, problems arising due to welding are avoided, too. Enlargement of wedding rings, for instance, can be made easily without any risk of breakage. This technique helps the producers to reach best quality standards and fast production opportunities, decreases the production costs, and the error margin of sizing comes down to minimum levels.